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Seattle External Hard Drive Recovery Service

Recover external hard drive

Seattle External Data Recovery...
Was your external hard drive dropped? Turn it off NOW and do not turn the power back on! Trying to access your data will only make your situation worse and may even cause the data on your external hard drive to become unrecoverable.

Typical causes of an external hard drive failure include inadequate cooling or ventilation which will cause the hard drive to overheat and crash or fail.

Dropping an external hard drive is the leading cause of failure and data loss. When it happens, it is extremely important to leave it off and get professional help to avoid losing your data forever.



Which types of data do you need recovered?
  • Written documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Quickbooks
  • CAD design files
  • Databases
  • Movies and videos
  • Digital pictures
  • Research, historical and regulatory data

If your external hard drive is clicking, beeping or making any unusual sounds, turn it off and call for professional help.

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