Advanced Data Recovery For Seattle: Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

Emergency Data Recovery For Seattle

In time critical situations choose emergency service so you get your data back fast. Our engineers work 24/7 to recover your critical files. Emergency service includes overnight shipping both ways PLUS we can FTP data to you to save time.

Seattle Emergency Data Recovery Services Include Recovering the Following:

RAID and server recovery
    SQL databases, VMware files (VMFS, NTFS, FAT, EXT3, HFS, etc.)
    Office documents, financial and accounting data, industry specific data and proprietary files.

Internal and external hard drive recovery
    Crashed, clicking, dropped and inaccessible laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives and external hard drives.
    Documents, pictures, email, QuickBooks data files, databases, and more...

Examples of recent types of files recovered include dental data, water treatment data, oceanography research, hotel security system control files, QuickBooks company files, architectural and design files, advanced university training courses, shipping data and documents, POS systems, hospital patient files, scanned historical document images, software developer code, commercial movie footage, Photoshop and Indesign files,and much more.

In serious data loss emergencies our data recovery engineers work non-stop, 24/7 to get your critical files recovered and back in your hands as quickly as possible. We offer online data recovery as well as onsite data recovery for Seattle companies when time is of the essence, or if you have security & chain of custody constraints when shipping hardware with sensitive or confidential data.

*DIY utilities can cause permanent loss of data.
Recovery software and utilities are designed to work with properly functioning hard drives. If your hard drive is clicking, grinding or making unusual sounds, the platters are getting scratched. DO NOT run software or utilities on in these cases. YOU could lose everything!