Advanced Data Recovery For Seattle: Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

    Comprehensive data recovery Our Comprehensive Service Recovers Data From These Situations...
    • Weak heads
    • Minor platter damage
    • Firmware corruption
    • Reformatted drives
    • Logical failures
    • Electrical failures
    • Deleted Files
    • Any size drive

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Just what is Comprehensive Data Recovery?

Comprehensive recovery is non-invasive. That means we use our most advanced equipment to attempt to bypass errors and extract your files without opening your drive. Up to 70% of drives can be recovered this way. The "advanced equipment" we use for this service is not just another computer. It's not just connecting it and trying to copy your files. You can do that. The best analogy is to compare our Comprehensive Service to your family doctor vs a heart specialist. We are like the heart specialist with extensive arsenal of knowledge, tools and training that enable us to get at the root of the problem.

In some situations your drive may have experienced more severe failure that requires Exhaustive or invasive cleanroom procedures in order to get your drive reading so we can extract your files. In these cases we will contact you before proceeding with those invasive procedures because it is a more costly process. We will give you the option to stop the process or continue with recovery. Remember that most recoveries fall under our Comprehensive service and only a small percentage require invasive, Exhaustive Data Recovery procedures.


How and why we can give you this level of service for these prices...
Because of our years of experience. You see, we've been recovering data from hard drives since 1997. Because of that we know the percentage of drives that require various procedures and so our prices are based on that.
Because we care about our clients and believe in treating you fair.

Just because your data is valuable and you are experiencing an unexpected and stressful situation doesn't mean you should pay a high price to get it back. Call us old fashioned but by treating you fairly we know there's a good chance you will recommend us to your friends and associates when they're faced with a similar situation. And that's the best advertising we can get.

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